3 Wheel Rider Course Home
For you riders with more than 2 wheels

Made for riders who own their own 3 wheel motorcycle

Everything you need to know about the 3 WRC is in the menu below. Use the links for information about the course:

3WBRC FAQs -- get answers to the most frequently asked questions -- answers provided before you even ask!

Register -- get your name into the 3 WBRC Rider Pool so you will be notified when a class is offered (need a minimum of three riders before a class is scheduled).

Forms -- this is the legalese that go along with the risk of riding any motorcycle. You must sign these forms during first meeting before training begins. Reading them now saves valuable class time.

Pay -- Provides the payment rules. Worth a look to know how you'll pay for your training once scheduled for a class.

3W Checklist -- Provides a printable checklist showing you everything you need to do and bring to your 3 WBRC.

Map -- shows you where we meet

Email -- Have a question, ask it; have a comment, make it.